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At Kennebec Valley Community College, we believe that careful academic advising is essential for a successful educational experience.  The Advising, Career, & Transfer Center (ACT) at Kennebec Valley Community College is happy to assist students if for some reason their assigned advisor is unavailable.  At the ACT Center, we offer advising services that can help you:

  • Create an academic plan
  • Choose courses for registration
  • Understand the entrance requirements for your desired major
  • Monitor your academic and financial aid status


Whether you are a new student who is unsure about the major you have chosen, or a soon-to-be graduate who is wondering how to prepare for upcoming job interviews, the Advising, Career, and Transfer Center can help.  Through the ACT Center you can:

  • Explore career possibilities at KVCC
  • Access websites and databases to explore specific careers and employment trends
  • Learn about community agencies that can aid you in your job search


For many students, KVCC is just the first step in their educational journey.  Students who plan to continue their education at another institution after attending KVCC may want to take advantage of the transfer assistance available at the Advising, Career, & Transfer Center.  We can help transferring students:

  • Identify 4-year schools that offer the major they wish to pursue
  • Access application materials
  • Request transcipts
  • Connect with transfer advisors at other schools

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