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Welcome to the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement

This website provides information to Faculty, Students, and Community Partners on the activities of the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement.  In the menu below you will find informatoin on our current initiatives, access to search engines for volunteer opportunities, and other information of interest related to the CCE.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Mark Kavanaugh at

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Specific information related to the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement.

If you have any interest in any of these initiatives, please feel free to contact 

Dr. Mark Kavanaugh at

Music @ Moody

In the Spring we will be making plans for the restart of Music @ Moody.  We will be looking for Maine artists to fill up a schedule of musical acts that will take place in our beautiful Moody Chapel at the Alfond Campus in Hinckley.  We are looking for anyone interested in serving on a Planning Board and/or volunteering at the actual concerts.

Documenting Service and Events

One of the purposes of the Center for Civic Engagement is to document the community engagement and services that are initatied by our Faculty, Studets, Staff, and Student Organizations.  The CCE is seeking individuals who would like to serve as Photo Journalists.  You will need to have a good camera or a good phone camera and be willing to attend events, take pictures, interview the people involved, and submit stories to be published by the CCE.

Corporal Cole Memorial 5K & Half-Marathon

We need volunteers to put together a KVCC team (runners & support).  Jesica Gleason (KVCC Faculty who is coordinating this)

Register for the Event by clicking here.
Visit the FaceBook site for the Event by clicking here.
Email the Coordinator of the Event by clicking here.

Public Service Announcements on Child Mental Health

The CCE is partnering with the statewide committee on Child Mental Health to produce Public Service Announcement materials on issues such as awareness and reslience.  Anyone interested in any aspect of video production is encouraged to contact Mark Kavanaugh.

3D Printing Conference

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, the College will be hosting a conference on 3D printing in higher education and the workplace. The event will take place in the lecture hall of the Sustainable Agriculture Building on the Alfond Campus. Student volunteers are sought to help organize and run the conference. Volunteers may attend any conference session. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Interested persons should contact Barbara Bartley for more information.

Reading to Dogs

This initiative is still under development.  Research has shown that reading childrens books to dogs who are a shelter increases the likelihood of them being adopted.  We are currently investigating the local area shelters to explore if they would like partner with us on this project.

Watch this video about reading to dogs!

Senior Music Project

In coordination with the Cedar Ridge Rehabilitation Center we will be sponsoring events to raise money to buy small, clip on audio devices (iPods) and headphones.  The staff at Cedar Ridge fill these iPods with period music customized for the resident.  Playing music from their era has shown to be very effective with residents with Alzheimer's and/or Dementia, and simply enjoyable for anyone who wants to listen to music.

Trek Across Maine and the KVCC Chain Lynx Cycling Team

For the 6th year in a row, KVCC Chain Lynx, the KVCC cycling team, will participate in the Trek Across Maine to raise money and awareness about clean air and lung disease.  The actual route will be changing this coming summer, so click HERE to learn more about the new Trek Across Maine!

We are actively recruiting more riders to make this the biggest, most successful team ever!

Team members for the 2019 Trek (so far) include:

  • Mark Kavanaugh (Team Captain)
  • Andrew Bourassa

KVCC Chain Lynx Team Page - 2019 Trek Across Maine

Keep an eye out for future announcemnts of other cycling events we will be participating in!

Volunteer Maine is a project of the Maine Commission for Community Service. It was launched in 2002 as a means of creating a "one-stop" service for both citizens who want to volunteer and community groups seeking to address local problems through volunteer-powered solutions.

  • is a one-stop internet resource for volunteers and program staff.
  • Volunteer programs can recruit new volunteers, let donors know what goods or services they need, and reach potential board members.
  • Program staff can access online training and explore resources for improving program operation.
  • Citizens can search for opportunities to volunteer that match their interests.
  • Volunteers can track and report the time they devote to multiple causes and organizations from one place.

Over time, there have been a number of partners who shared the Commission's goal for and contributed resources. In 2015, the United Ways of Maine adopted the section of the site that links people with volunteer opportunities.

The Maine Commission for Community Service manages the remainder of the site content with a focus on meeting the needs of the people and organizations that design or manage volunteer activities.

Maine Commission for Community Service

builds capacity and sustainability in Maine's volunteer and service communities by funding programs, developing managers of volunteers, raising awareness of sector issues, and promoting service as a strategy.

The Commission was established in 1994 by Executive Order and under state statute in 1995. The 25 board members of the  Commission are appointed by the governor to three-year terms and each represents a specific segment of Maine's volunteer sector. 

The Commission is Maine government’s partner for the federal Corporation for National Service.  

Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match is a national search engine for volunteer work.  It also includes the ability to search for "virtual volunteer" opportunities. 


The mission of the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement is to educate, inform, excite, and motivate students, faculty and community partners regarding the personal, educational, and societal benefits of integrating Service-Learning and Civic Engagement into one's personal, academic, and social life.



The purpose of the KVCC Center for Civic Engagement is to provide sustainable structure within the college to support the civic mission of the college, to engage the local and wider community, to inform our community members regarding the need for civic engagement, and to support the continued pursuit of justice and equity in our society.

Defining Service-Learning

Service-Learning describes a teaching method that connects community service with the information and knowedge that one gains in the classroom.  The hyphen (-) between the worlds "service" and "learning" is the key to understanding this concept.

While both "service" and "learning" are essential aspepects of Service-Learning, the hypen implies a "reflective" component as well.  Students who engage in Service-Learning projects are usually tasked with engaging in a deep reflection of their experiences and how they relate to their class, their academic program, their career, and their personal lives.  This reflection is the component that makes Service-Learning the powerful learning experience that it can be!

In addition to reflecting on class content, program, career, and personal impacts, students are asked to reflect upon the impact the experience has had in a number of areas:

  • Personal
  • Interpersonal
  • Academic
  • Occupational
  • Civic
KVCC is a member of the Maine Campus Compact
Learn more about the National Campus Compact 

Service-Learning at KVCC

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement are vital aspects of the mission of Kennebec Valley Community College.  Among other outcomes of our definition of the Educated Person, KVCC strives to enabel students to:

"Solve problems and make decisions based upon logical thinking and analysitical skills; and respect cultural, ethical, and intellectual diversity as involved members of their communites."

So what does it take to be an "involved member" of your community?

  • Awareness of social issues and events in your community
  • Personal education as to the facts and diversity of perspectives on these issues
  • Active involvement in the issues you are passionate about

Service-Learning Resources for Students


Service-Learning Resources for Faculty

Interested in incorporating Service Learning into your course(s)?  The CCE can help with:

  • Defining service learning projects for your course and/or discipline
  • Help assess the effectiveness of your Service-Learning projects in meeting your course and program goals
  • Provide in-class presentations on Service-Learning
  • Help track your students' service-learning projects

CCE Program Assessment

Below you will find documentation related to the evaluation of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement across the KVCC community. This evaluation includes standards related to the Campus Compact "Indicators of an Engaged Campus" and the American Associatiion of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) VALUE Rubrics

  • Click HERE for a summary of the standards associated with Campus Compact's "Indicators of an Engaged Campus"
  • Click HERE to download a copy of the AAC&U's VALUE Rubric for Civic Engagement

2018 - News Archive

Summer - 2018 KVCC Chain Lynx Rides Again...For Autism!

Never tired from the annual Trek Across Maine, the KVCC Chain Lynx team has found another ride for another great cause!

Ride for Autism 2018 is a bike ride sponsored by the Autism Society of Maine!  This is the first time we have participated in this event, but we are looking forward to it.  

The event is a single day (September 15, 2018) and entails a 10, 25, or 50 mile bike ride along the scenic ways of Kennebunkport.  The team looks like this so far!

  • Mark Kavanaugh (Team Captain)
  • Andrew Bourassa
  • Alexander Waltz


To learn more about the team, join the team, and/or to help us raise money click on the link below! 


KVCC Chain Lynx Team Page - Ride for Autism 2018

Summer 2018 - Trek Across Maine

For the 5th year in a row, KVCC Chain Lynx, the KVCC cycling team, participate in the Trek Across Maine to raise money and awareness about clean air and lung disease.

Team members for the 2018 Trek included:

  • Mark Kavanaugh (Team Captain)
  • Alexander Waltz
  • Brian Holtz
  • Andrew Bourassa
  • Jordan Godin

 All together the team raised a total of $3715!!

2018 Trek Across Maine Logo

KVCC Chain Lynx Team Page - 2018 Trek Across Maine


2017 - News Archive

Summer 2017 - Trek Across Maine

For the 4th year in a row, KVCC Chain Lynx, the KVCC cycling team, participated in the Trek Across Maine to raise money and awareness about clean air and lung disease.

Members included:

  • Mark Kavanaugh (Team Captain)
  • Kenlyn Clark
  • Judy Harris
  • Zander Waltz
  • Tim Crowley (President of NMCC)

To learn more about the team and the impact we had click the link below!

2017 Trek Across Maine

KVCC Chain Lynx Team Page - 2017 Trek Across Maine


2016 - News Archive

Summer 2016 - Trek Across Maine

For the 3th year in a row, KVCC Chain Lynx, the KVCC cycling team, participated in the Trek Across Maine to raise money and awareness about clean air and lung disease. 


2015 - News Archive

Summer 2015 - Trek Across Maine

For the 2nd year in a row, KVCC Chain Lynx, the KVCC cycling team, participated in the Trek Across Maine to raise money and awareness about clean air and lung disease. 


2014 - News Archive

Summer 2014 - Trek Across Maine

KVCC fielded a cycling team for the Maine Lung Association's Trek Across Maine event this year. Members of the team included:

Mark McAffee (student at KVCC and Team Captain)
Dr. Rick Hopper (President, KVCC)
Dr. Mark Kavanaugh (Chair, KVCC Department of Social Sciences)
Steve Knight (KVCC Adjunct Instructor)
Matt Skehan (Director of Waterville Parks and Recreation)

The team raised approximately $6000 and had an amazing time! We will be doing it next year as well!

Click HERE to read an article about the event from the Morning Sentinal.

Spring 2014 - 1st Annual Sock Drive for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter

Students in Mark Kavanaugh's Introduction to Sociology are collecting socks for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter. Boxes have been placed all over the Waterville area. More news on this even will be forthcoming!

Click here to view some pictures from the day we delivered the socks!

I just got to work and saw the huge pile of new socks that you and your class worked so hard to get for us..648 pairs!!! That is unreal. You don't know how many people that you guys have made happy...well...648 of them to be exact!! Your hard work and dedication to this project fills my heart with pride because I KNEW that the KVCC would come through big time and you did!!! Would you please convey my deep appreciation and thanks for a job well done. I so greatly appreciate all of your students demonstrating to me, once again, the goodness of mankind and the realization that we all can make a difference. You should all feel very proud!
Thank so very much,
Brian Wheeler
Former KVCC Mental Health Student, now working at the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter

Spring 2014 - KVCC Student Shows the Meaning of Service!

Maryanne Stevens lent a helping hand to a stranger by filling his gas tank and simply asked him to pass it on...according to THIS article in the Portland Press Herald!

Spring 2014 - College Bowl for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine

Two student teams from KVCC participated in this years College Bowl to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Maine.

Click here to view some pictures and movies from the event!


2013 - News Archive

Spring 2013 - Student at Spruce Mountain

KVCC Student Jan Kirkland (and her daughter Ashley) were featured in a Maine Sundy Telegram article for their volunteer work at Spruce Mountain as part of Jan's Introduction to Psychology class.

Click HERE to read the article.


2005 - News Archive

Fall 2005 - Maine Campus Compact Awards

Maine Campus Compact celebrated it's 10 Anniversary with an event at the Senator Inn in Augusta ME

KVCC student Wanda Smith with teh Executive Director of the National Campus Compact, Liz Hollander
Wanda was awarded the PILLARS Award
"Philanthropy, Innovation, Learning, Leadership, Action, Responsibility, and Service"

Students Jessica Parks and Andrea Watkins were both recognized with the "Unsung Hero Award"

KVCC Faculty member, Mark Kavanaugh was awarded both the "Campus Civic Stewardship Award" and the "Donald Harwood Faculty Award for Service-Learning Excellence"





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