Early College for Me

Early College for ME


Maine’s Community Colleges have a program to help high school students go to college. Early College for ME is a college transition program offered in 74 high schools in Maine. [To see if your school is involved, click here.] We aim to be available to every publicly funded Maine high school.

Early College for ME is for students who are undecided about college, yet who have the potential to succeed in college. Students are selected by their high school. If you are interested, check with your high school guidance office. If you are selected to participate in Early College for ME, fill out our quick and easy application and open the door to your future!

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Components of

ECforME Program

  1. Maine community college scholarships (up to $2,000 over 2 years)
  2. College courses in the senior year of high school
  3. Help with college admissions and the financial aid process
  4. Support and advising throughout your Early Collegefor ME program.