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The Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Studies is the result of the Community College Partnership between the Maine Community College System and the University of Maine System. The AA in Liberal Studies is a program designed to assist students in exploring career, educational interests, and in preparing them to transfer to a 4-year institution. The curriculum is very flexible and is designed to allow the student to select from the KVCC course offerings those classes best suited to help them meet their personal, professional, and academic goals. A close working relationship with their advisor, advisors from other institutions, and with other members of the KVCC community, is vital.

Students enrolled in the Associate in Arts program may transfer to the University of Maine System or another baccalaureate degree granting college. Students who are planning on transferring to a 4-year college should evaluate the transfer college’s foreign language requirements and take language courses at KV accordingly. All students will complete the Student Foreign Language Evaluation form.

AdvantageU is a statewide program that guarantees admission to Maine’s public universities for those students enrolled in the Liberal Studies degree at one of Maine’s community colleges. With advising from the community college and/or the university, students are offered a seamless pathway to a baccalaureate degree. Students should work closely with their KVCC academic advisor and/or may contact the Transfer Counselor at 453-5082. Additional information can be found on the transfer website.

Students in the Associate in Arts program may continue at Kennebec Valley Community College by applying to one of over 20 programs in the following areas: Allied Health, Biological Science, Business, Computer Information Systems, Education, Nursing, and Trades and Technology. Students, after clarifying their career goals, may also decide to transfer into a community college program offered at one of the seven community colleges in Maine.

The Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Studies provides students with a strong foundation in general education, thereby preparing them to transfer to a four-year college or university in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree, transfer to an Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science degree in a community college program, or enter the workplace with knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of career choices.



   Upon successful completion of the Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies program, the graduate is expected to:

  1. Demonstrate effective communication by means of listening, speaking, reading and writing in varied situations.
  2. Demonstrate mathematical skills, critical analysis, and logical thinking to solve problems and interpret quantitative information.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the human life process, individual development, thinking process, and behavior.
  4. Demonstrate comprehension and the application of research methods and scientific inquiry.
  5. Demonstrate a knowledge of different groups and organizations in societies and respect for varied cultural values.



Students in the AA program are required to complete COM 104 and ENG 101 within their first 15 credits. Of the 18 General Elective credits required, 9 must be taken at the 2xx level. A 2xx-level course in the same discipline will serve to meet the criteria of a 1xx-level elective.

Students must complete 61/62 credits in the Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies program and achieve a minimum grade of "C" in all required courses or core courses(*). Students must attain a final GPA of 2.0 or higher.



Click here to print a copy of the AALS advising guide.



COM104* Introduction to  Communication 3
ENG101* College Composition 3
FYE125*** Liberal Arts Seminar 1
MAT1__* Math Elective 3
PSY101* Introduction to Psychology OR  
SOC101* Introduction to Sociology 3
______* Humanities Elective 3


ENG121* Introduction to Literature 3
HUM101* Multi-Cultural Nature of American Society 3
______** General Elective 3
______* Science course with lab 4
______* Social Science Elective 3


ENG2__* English Elective 3
______* Fine Art Elective 3
______** General Elective 3
______** General Elective 3
______* Social Science Elective (must be 200 level course) 3


INT201*Seminar in Inquiry3
______** General Elective (Must be 200 level) 3
______** General Elective (Must be 200 level) 3
______** General Elective (Must be 200 level) 3
______* Humanities Elective (must be 200 level course) 3


** Students planning to transfer to specific institutions or programs are responsible for choosing electives that will fulfill the requirements for those institutions or programs.  Failure to work closely with their academic  advisor and/or transfer counselor may result in credits that do not fulfill the necessary requirements or that do not transfer.  Students should be aware that the requirement for 2xx level coursework in this program requires advanced planning with their advisor to ensure that the prerequisites for these classes are met.

*** As part of the AALS program all incoming AALS students who have less than 15 credits are required to take FYE125 Liberal Studies Seminar as part of their first semester. FYE125 is a one credit First Year Experience class that will focus on basic content, strategies, and skills needed for a successful college student, especially within the AALS program.