Nursing Department


The purpose of the Nursing Program is to educate graduates who will function competently as entry level Associate Degree nurses. The Program is designed to meet the learning needs of students who are pursuing an initial career in nursing, or students who wish to change career goals. Graduates of the Nursing Program are prepared to provide nursing care to individuals, within their scope of nursing practice, in a variety of acute, long-term, and community health care settings.



The nursing faculty believes that the nursing program subscribes to the philosophy of Kennebec Valley Community College. The College endeavors to provide a balance between occupational and academic competencies and to promote the development of individuals so that they can meet the changing needs of the community. The nursing faculty collaborates with advisory board members and the staff/administration of selected health care facilities to assure that proper entry-level knowledge and technical, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills are possessed by graduates. In a caring and supportive environment, the Nursing Department provides opportunity for student development inspired by shared values of integrity, accountability, and community service.



Nursing Dept.


Department Chair:

Marcia Parker

Contact Info:

(207) 453-5167
King Hall, Rm 119