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Course Code Title Online Hybrid Credit Continuing Education Specialty Course
ACC 111 Principles of Accounting I O C N/A
ACC 112 Principles of Accounting II O C N/A
ACC 211 Accounting Spreadsheet & Data Base O C N/A
ACC 212 Computerized Accounting Appls O C N/A
ACC 213 Federal Taxation O C N/A
ACC 215 Cost Accounting O C N/A
ACC 217 Intermediate Accounting I O C N/A
ACC 222 Capstone Review O C N/A
ANT 101 Intro to Cultural Anthropology O C N/A
BIO 105 General Ecology O C N/A
BIO 125 General Science Seminar H C N/A
BIO 213 Anatomy & Physiology I H C N/A
BIO 214 Anatomy & Physiology II H C N/A
BIO 216 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology O C N/A
BUS 113 Marketing O C N/A
BUS 115 Principles of Management O C N/A
BUS 116 Business Law O C N/A
BUS 125 Introduction to E-Commerce H C N/A
BUS 218 Small Business Management O C N/A
BUS 250 Virtual Office/Internship O C N/A
CCT A50 CompTIA A+ Preparation H CE N/A
CCT B80 Intro to Excel O CE N/A
CCT E10 Intro to Powerpoint O CE N/A
CCT E88 CompTIA Network+ Preparation H CE N/A
CCT F30 Intro to Word O CE N/A
CCT S10 CompTIA Security+ H CE N/A
CCT W10 Windows Client H CE N/A
CCT W20 Windows Server Pro - Mod 1 H CE N/A
COM 104 Intro to Communication H C N/A
COM 105 Interpersonal Communication O C N/A
CPT 101 Introduction to Computer Science O C N/A
CPT 117 Software Applications I O C N/A
CPT 119 Visual Basic O C N/A
CPT 230 Database Design & Management O C N/A
CPT 232 Multimedia Internet Design O C N/A
CPT 237 Hardware Management H C N/A
ECE 134 Health, Safety, and Nutrition H C N/A
ECE 140 Infants & Toddlers H C N/A
ECE 155 Early Childhood Practicum I H C N/A
ECE 200 Early Childhood Pract II H C N/A
ECE 270 Strong Healthy Bodies & Curious Min H C N/A
ECO 113 Principles of Economics I Macro O C N/A
ECO 114 Principles of Economics II Micro O C N/A
ECO 120 Investment Planning in Our Society O C N/A
EDU 112 Survey of Communication Disorders O C N/A
ENG 101 College Composition O C N/A
ENG 108 Technical Writing O C N/A
ENG 121 Introduction to Literature O C N/A
ENG 219 Professional Writing O C N/A
ENG 220 American Literature O C N/A
ETL 103 Electrical Fundamentals II O C N/A
FYE 125 First Year Seminar O C N/A
GT1 010 Geothermal Accredited Installer H CE Renewable Energy
HIS 111 US History I O C N/A
HIS 212 America and the Cold War Years O C N/A
HIT 101 Intro to Health Information Tech H C N/A
HIT 210 Management Concepts for Health Care O C N/A
HIT 211 Health Data Collection O C N/A
HUM 101 Multi-culture Nature of Amer Soc O C N/A
INT 201 Seminar in Inquiry H C N/A
MAS 121 Medical Terminology H C N/A
MAT 114 Technical Math O C N/A
MAT 117 College Algebra O C N/A
MHT 104 Community Mental Health O C N/A
MHT 110 Interviewing & Counseling O C N/A
MHT 112 Crisis Identification & Intervent O C N/A
MHT 124 Psychosocial Rehabilitation O C N/A
MHT 125 The Changing Workplace O C N/A
MHT 214 Incest, Sexual Abuse & Trauma O C N/A
MHT 216 Mental Health & Aging O C N/A
MHT 218 Substance Abuse w/Dual Diagnosis O C N/A
MHT 220 Case Management O C N/A
MHT 226 Vocational Aspects of Disability O C N/A
MUS 101 Music Appreciation O C N/A
MUS 117 History of Rock and Roll O C N/A
PDL E10 Electrical Code Update 15 hr O CE N/A
PDL L60 Legal Secretary O CE N/A
PDL P90 Paralegal Certificate O CE N/A
PDL P95 Personal Injury for Paralegals O CE N/A
PHI 110 Intro to Contemporary Ethics O C N/A
PPT 111 Intro to Pulp & Paper Technology H C N/A
PPT 113 Paper Making Process O C N/A
PPT 116 Maint/Pulp & Paper Mfg Facilities O C N/A
PPT 117 Safe Work Practices Pulp/Paper Ind O C N/A
PPT 219 Basic Paper Industry Process Chem O C N/A
PPT 223 Process Instrumentation & Control O C N/A
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology O C N/A
PSY 204 Abnormal Psych O C N/A
PSY 210 Human Sexuality O C N/A
PSY 212 Positive Psychology O C N/A
PSY 215 Developmental Psychology O C N/A
PTS 105 Self-Paced Med Term for PTAs O C N/A
SHO 010 Solar Hot Water Design & Install O CE N/A
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology O C N/A
SOC 204 Social Problems O C N/A
SP1 010 Solar PV for Entry Level Candidate O CE N/A