Student Government

Student Senate


What is Student Senate?

Student Senate provides a forum for students who want to voice their opinions, questions or concerns about aspects of student life at Kennebec Valley Community College. Senate has officer positions including President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers work with the student body and other senate members to promote student centered activities, clubs and organizations. Senate holds regular officer and general student body meetings throughout the course of the semester. Student Senate also brings student concerns and questions about policies, procedures and services at KVCC to the executive team of the college. For information on when Senate meetings are occurring during the semester please click HERE or check the student development activities calendar.

Who can Join?

Any student of KVCC in good academic standing at the college can be a general member of the student senate. *Note (All clubs need at least one student senate liaison that can be present at student senate meetings)

How do you join?

If applying to be a general member of the senate please click HERE to fill out and submit the student senate member application by emailing it to (Microsoft Office Required to fill out Application)

For more information read the Student Senate's guiding Constitution

(Student Senate Constitution (PDF))


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