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Student Success Team

The Student Success Team is a campus resource.  It is comprised of several departments in Student Services that are listed in the menu to the left. 

The mission of this team is to provide effective quality programming & services that will help you get started in college and stay until your degree is complete. 

We feel that Anthony J. D'Angelo, contributing author to Chicken Soup for the College Student, said it best:

"Students are important people on this campus...
They are our THING!
Not dependent on us;
rather we are both interdependent upon one another. 
Not an interruption of our work,
but the purpose of it. 


Child Care Options

Click here for information regarding child care. 


Disability Services

Students with a disability may refer to this page for information regarding who to contact and how to access accommodations.


Personal Support Services

This selection of resources provides you with links to local counseling services, the State's warm line, the crisis line and links to Sexual Assult & Crisis and the Family Violence Project.  If there are other links you think you be helpful and appropriate to post for others, please an e-mail to Karen Normandin, Dean of Students.


Community & State Programs

This selection provides access to a number of State programs and resources including information on TANF and ASPIRE, the Parents as Scholars Program, the Maine Career Center, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Farmworker Jobs. We hope you find these links helpful.