Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction 

Tradition and innovation at the heart of Maine building practices.

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The Sustainable Construction program provides students with the technical knowledge and hands-on skills needed to gain entry-level employment across many areas of the construction industry including carpentry, project management, design, building inspection, and renewable energy installation.

This unique curriculum takes students from start to finish in the design/build process and combines the millennia-old craft of timber frame joinery with the latest in building systems technology. Valued skills in communication, applied math, and critical thinking are developed in tandem with practical introductions to trades like welding, plumbing, weatherization, and more.

Our students are challenged to think about how buildings in New England can be constructed at a higher but achievable level of quality and energy efficiency. Key sustainability concepts include sourcing local materials, reduction of energy loads, optimization of systems, and the generation of on-site renewable energy.


What Sustainable Construction professionals do:

Conventional construction, timber framing, or green building
Restoration carpentry for historic preservation
Design and drafting in architecture or engineering firms
Installation of renewable energy and weatherization

Students will learn about: 

Power/hand tool use and shop safety
Building trades, systems, and the thermal envelope
Architectural history and restoration
Small business planning and project management
Wood science and structural mechanics

Sustainable Construction graduates work in/on:

Contracting firms on a project management or design path
Small timber frame or other carpentry businesses
Housing non-profits and building inspection agencies
Renewable energy and weatherization services





To prepare students to be lifelong learners and help them achieve various professional and personal goals that may arise over a lifetime. Upon graduation, students will be poised to enter the workforce as entry-level craftsmen, builders, and technicians or transfer to other college and university programs. Our graduates will develop as skilled professionals who value both tradition and innovation at the heart of sustainable building practices today, and who actively participate in reinvigorating Maine's construction industry.


"This program is funded by a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration.  This is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action program, adaptive equipment will be provided upon request to individuals with disabilities."