TRiO Works

TRiO Works!




Graduates of the Class of 2013 who attended the TRiO Recognition Dinner

Each year, the TRiO project gathers data on students  and reports of the following outcomes: academic standing (Grade Point Average over 2.0), grades in courses related to receiving professional assistance ( Grades of C or better) and the number of TRiO students who returned for the next academic year (persistence).

At the end of the 2011-2012 academic year, these outcomes were achieved:

Professional Learning Assistance

93% of the students receiving learning assistance from TRiO in the last academic year earned a C or better.

Good Academic Standing

91% of students enrolled in the TRiO program were in good academic standing at the end of the past project year.


86% of first year TRiO students returned to KVCC.