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TRiO Student Support Services is a federal grant program that serves first generation, low income students, as well students with documented disabilities. 

The TRiO Project at KVCC works with 180 students each year, helping them to:

  • Persist in college, following their chosen program of study from one semester to the next
  • Maintain good academic standing (Passing 66% of cumulative classes)
  • Graduate and/or transfer to a 4-year college within three years.


Contact a member of the TRIO team to learn more about the Project!


Lisa Black, Director of KVCC TRiO Project

Michelle Bardsley, First Year Student Coordinator

Nick Runco, Learning Specialist for Students with Documented Disabilities

Landi Wright, Math and Science Learning Specialist



The TRiO Project is funded by a grant through the US Department of Education in the amount of $305,955.00