KVCC partners with Midstate Berkshire to offer free machinist and machine operator training

Monday, April 28, 2014 10:03 AM

Fairfield, ME – Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Midstate Berkshire to offer free machinist and machine operator training to qualified students beginning May 19.

Midstate Berkshire has generously donated $97,000 to fund 700 hours of training at KVCC for each student selected to participate in this opportunity.

Training will be conducted at KVCC’s Precision Machining Technology Lab at the College’s Fairfield campus and will run approximately eight months, ending in mid-January 2015.

Potential students will take the Accuplacer test at KVCC, be interviewed by Midstate Berkshire personnel, do a job shadow at Midstate Berkshire, and pass a pre-employment physical and drug screen. Final selection of students will be made by Midstate Berkshire.

Applicants must hold a high school diploma and be a Maine resident. Applications will be accepted at either the Augusta or Skowhegan CareerCenters and forwarded to Midstate Berkshire for review.

To contact the Skowhegan CareerCenter call 1-800-760-1572. To contact the Augusta CareerCenter call 1-800-760-1573.

Read the full announcement here...

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